Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Last week I went and picked up some new work out pieces. I’m in love with the color of this blue nike leggings and JUST DO IT mentioned on it. And and and the white sunburn rave muscle tshirt. ! They are so comfortable I ended up getting the cropped version in different colours as well. As I am obsessed with pink coloured objects so chose pink nike sipper n pink reebok shoes as my helpers .When it comes down to crunch time, we all have those second thoughts but instead of dwelling on your list of excuses, replace those negative thoughts with positive one. I always screen shot my favorite quotes for those moments I need a little motivation.

Below is a list of some of my favorite inspirational fitness quotes:

Let exercise be your stress reliever not food.

The only bad work out is the one you didn’t do.

I never regret when I do it, I always regret it when I don’t.

Suck it up now so you don’t have to suck it in later.

Oh so you have no time to workout? Tell me about how you had time to like everyone’s photo on Instagram in the last hour.

It doesn’t get easier – you just get better.

Once you see results it becomes an addiction.

When I go to the gym I wear all white. It’s like a funeral… for my fat.

Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle.

Do you guys have any good quotes that help get you motivated?

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