Friday, 1 December 2017

Just BeYu

My love for makeup knows no bounds. I could literally spend all day reading about new makeup launches or upcoming trends, or even watching makeup related videos on YouTube! So you can imagine my excitement when I came home to this love box of makeup from BeYu!

The festive collection focuses on makeup trends for the woman who is all about flaunting her individuality for the festive time of the year, with tonnes of glamour!
 Ever since, I’ve been trying out the foundations, so I thought I’ll share my experience on the same with you guys. 

I’ve mentioned my skin problems before, and I'm sorry to say that I’m still going through a pretty bad skin phase, although it has improved a lot from past few days. So my main concern in a foundation is something with really good coverage, without being oily. On using the BeYu foundation, it’s pretty apparent that the coverage is light/medium, which works for most people.  However, if you are looking for a little extra coverage, the foundation is quite buildable, and does not cake up.
When it comes to my skin type, I have normal to oily skin, that sometimes leans more towards oily. So I have a huge concern with foundations and concealers as they make me feel big time oil lover and finally results into acne or pimples. I never faced such a problem with BeYu velvet matte oil free foundation, and it lasted me a good 8 hours or maybe a little more.  Since it is oil free, it is perfect for a festive matte & non greasy look

Along with foundation I also received a lipstick by the name: Spicy Salsa number: 429which is just my day to go colour. A perfect combination of nude and peach. which gives intensive coverage, velvety & creamy texture as it has cocoa butter which adds an elegant finish to my lips.

BeYu is exclusively now available at lifestyle stores. Grab it Now !!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Brave It with PEE SAFE

Using a public toilet is not typically on the list of my favorite things to do. In fact, most of the time I attempt to “hold it” for as long as possible to avoid having to use one. Sometimes though I don’t have an option, and I have to actually brave it. Most of the time this happens when I’m out & about in an area that I haven’t been to before, so I haven’t scouted out the restrooms beforehand. 
i feel gross to use them even though I’ve read that “most” toilets have less germs & bacteria on them then our mobile phones & handbags.

Though an unhygienic toilet seat is home to numerous germs and bacteria which can lead to diseases like Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Diarrhoea, E-Coli infection, Staph, and Hepatitis A. Picture this, an average person visits a toilet 5-7 times a day, most of the time to pee. Needless to say, women use the toilet seat with a greater degree of contact exposing them to such major threats.
And when public toilets which are shared by many, coupled with poor upkeep & maintenance and which are not necessarily washed or cleaned after each use, only aggravates the situation. According to data provided by World Health Organization, 50% women report contracting Urinary Tract Infection at least once in their lifetime. This number is close to 80% in developing countries as per UN data.

2 main reasons why women tend, not to use toilets outside their homes:
1. Unhygienic toilet conditions
2. Foul smell

While I was on vacation last winter, I came across a couple of  toilet seat sanitizing ideas that I hadn’t experienced before. This system was –  automatic plastic toilet seat covers that rotate into a hidden compartment after each use, It’s a closed-loop system for single-use with the plastic dispensing from one side and rolling up on the other side once it’s been used, sort of like manually rewinding an old music cassette tape. The plastic seat cover automatically moves when one waves a hand over a sensor or  presses a button placed above the seat, but this is available only at few good restaurants or airports. At major public restrooms we don't get such fascinating hygiene technology, as practically it is expensive and technically produces lot of nature hostile plastic waste. 

 The second and most easy-to-use toilet seat sanitizer system which really moved me with its concept is


PEE SAFE - A toilet seat sanitizer spray. Formulated with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), it is easy to use and carry product that not only kills 99.9% germs but also deodorizes. All you need to do is, 


Shake the bottle, spray Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer on the toilet seat from a distance of 6-8 inches (2-3 sprays would do) and wait for few seconds. The toilet seat is now sanitized and ready to use.

 Pee Safe is handy and easy to carry anywhere specially when i am travelling. It has become a part of my handbag lil family essentials.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Life is always fun with SHUFFLE zone

Our world will go black and white this spring through summer. Here's creative ways to wear it. This summer, i am championing all things monochrome. The stark black-and-white can be seen in variations all over globe , making the season's standard shades of yellow and coral seem almost cliché.
From complex geometrics to simple contrasts, this season monochrome finds power in its purity. At its most effective, the discipline of strict black and white is mirrored in clean lines and sharp silhouettes. I love the futuristic look with  square lock - 

If you're yet to invest in the monochrome trend, then do sharpish as it's set to be HUGE for SS16. Monochrome is having a moment, so wear your fashion stripes with pride
A fun take on the monochrome trend - and ideal for fighting the freeze. monochrome outfits
have often been shunned in favour of something  bold, and subtle.  when styled just right, monochrome is by far the chicest – and easiest – colour combination to pull off.
The key to nailing this look is tracking down some key pieces, and working them top-to-toe.  Simplicity is crucial when opting for block colour, with loose, fluid shapes ruling all. Throw some texture in there too .When things heat up, it's time to lighten up. Swap your blues for a perfect pair distressed white jeans. 
SHUFFLE is perfect brand where you can get all trendy and chic clothes. they are super comfy and has perfect silhouette. The products are also available at .
This is how i paired my Shuffle products
1. pair of white distressed denims
2. block top 

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Action and adventure are primal urges. They’re in our blood. And to satisfy them, we need to go places, do things, take chances and be free. Feel our heart pounding in our chest and the icy rush of adrenaline in our veins.
while adventuring new phases of life,i got a chance to use daily object mobile cases.  It has the best option to customize cases.  With daily objects case, you and your phone capture the proof that transforms tall tales into true stories
 These cases are made out of high quality polycarbonate with MT3 Technology for designs that comes with a garauntee that it will never fade, peel or scratch. If the design on your Daily Objects case ever wears off or starts to peel or fade, they will replace it, absolutely free of charge, isn’t it cool!!
 Their cases and accessories that brave the surf, thrive in the dirt, shred the slopes and bounce back from bails — so you can live in the moment, capture the proof and share amazing stories.
 For butterfingered people like me whose phone needs an extra protection, DailyObjects also makes tough cases that have a clever design with a soft inner lining and a hard outer shell. This two piece design adds an extra layer of security to your precious Smartphone
From crazy colour combinations to basic blacks, from cases for comic superfans to girlie girls, daily objects has it all.

What's in my bag ?

But let me take a selfie first 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Hello peeps,

I am sorry for not writing posts quite often as i was busy with my exams.

Well we all love gifts. Aren’t you tired of receiving a bouquet of flowers  (yes we love it, but must you get one every time?) for every celebration?

Birthdays, promotions, graduations, the list goes on...With every celebration comes the age old dilemma


It is this dilemma coupled with a passion for offbeat design and the lack of fun and unique products.

I received few funky junky goodies from propshop24 last week. 

PropShop24,  A one-stop shop for a handpicked selection of fantastic  products from around the world.

On their site you'll find awesome gifts, fashion accessories, perennial party supplies and whimsical yet practical ‘Props’ for your home, workplace, bar and parties.

Hope you all have visited their website, if not check them out at

I got in my mail, a basket filled with 3 goodies 

1) imagine iPad cover
2) macaroon lip balm 
3) birdie wall clock 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Nothing can add oomph to your outfit like some nice jewellery, no matter whether you are wearing something fancy or all clad in simple. 

An alluring necklace can take any look up a notch and change your outfit from drab to fab within seconds. Statement jewellery is something that never goes out of style and has continued to enhance clothing for ages and guess what? It doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. So, why not try some cool new ways to incorporate these stunning pieces into your wardrobe and add a major dose of flair to your daily outfits? My favourite way to add a gorgeous necklace is by pairing it with any outfit to bring the piece of glitz in focus. 

Of late a lot of experimenting has been done with jewellery with consistently new styles being introduced every now and then. Check out ERISTONA for latest jewellery trends to know what all should be on your ‘must-have’ list this season. So even you can have your fancy jewellery at or follow them on instagram at

Monday, 13 July 2015


There’s always been serious chemistry between fashion and animal prints. I’ve spent a good amount of time learning to style this daring trend. To me, leopard print is practically a neutral that works every day and any time. If you know how to style it right, the big-cat print (and other animal motifs) can be timelessly chic. 
The classic animal print has its permanent place in a women's wardrobe . This timeless trend has proved its staying power as it keeps coming back every season with constant updates and new & refreshing takes. The most important factor that makes the animal print never out of fashion is the fact that these add a little edge to your wardrobe, whether you want to keep it subtle or go all bold with your look. Also, since these prints could be found in neutral colours like black, brown and beige, you can wear them with almost anything.
This fierce animal pattern is definitely a favourite with all and this season brings it in a variety of colours and iterations. So add a touch of this spotted go-to and embrace your wild side with prints and patterns inspired by the animal. 
In this post i have paired an animal print top from MISSA MORE with black coloured long slit skirt.