Friday, 29 May 2015


India circus is one brand which has been breaking all the boundaries and making us familiar with the colours of Indian palette. Their designs are inspired from Indian history to the present day to day scenario, infused with such wide array of colors that you can't help but fall in love with their vibrance.I recently got my goodies from them and all of them are just adding the right amount of colour and style in my life style.

The first thing is the 'jhola bag' and is just perfect to enhance my daily look by adding the pop of colours in it

The second thing is a falling flower wallet. The prints are the ultimate mix of chic and sophistication. It's a multi pocket wallet making it spacious enough to carry all your requisites.

The third and the last thing is a divine alacazar mug depicting a royal palace and vivid deer details and a must have.

The products come in wide range of colours and design varying from home decor to fashion accessories. With such affordable prices and the splashing colours it's hard to go wrong.

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