Saturday, 18 April 2015


The soft pink tones of spring and summer have now made their way into fall and winter. but designers have strayed from the typical jewel-toned and neutral palettes that used to dominate fall fashion by incorporating soft tones into their collections. By taking a few cues from their designs, we can flawlessly rock these soft, feminine colors year-round. Transforming with texture: To fuse a fall-vibe into softer shades with a lighter material,  or other textures typical of fall. Neutrals are always in season: You can never go wrong by pairing a pastel with a neutral. Consider staples, like nudes, camels, greys and blacks. For advanced styling, mix popular jewel tones into your outfit or bring soft tones into fall from head to toe by rocking a monochromatic look.Below are a few more pink and pastel favorites:

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