Thursday, 3 March 2016


Action and adventure are primal urges. They’re in our blood. And to satisfy them, we need to go places, do things, take chances and be free. Feel our heart pounding in our chest and the icy rush of adrenaline in our veins.
while adventuring new phases of life,i got a chance to use daily object mobile cases.  It has the best option to customize cases.  With daily objects case, you and your phone capture the proof that transforms tall tales into true stories
 These cases are made out of high quality polycarbonate with MT3 Technology for designs that comes with a garauntee that it will never fade, peel or scratch. If the design on your Daily Objects case ever wears off or starts to peel or fade, they will replace it, absolutely free of charge, isn’t it cool!!
 Their cases and accessories that brave the surf, thrive in the dirt, shred the slopes and bounce back from bails — so you can live in the moment, capture the proof and share amazing stories.
 For butterfingered people like me whose phone needs an extra protection, DailyObjects also makes tough cases that have a clever design with a soft inner lining and a hard outer shell. This two piece design adds an extra layer of security to your precious Smartphone
From crazy colour combinations to basic blacks, from cases for comic superfans to girlie girls, daily objects has it all.

What's in my bag ?

But let me take a selfie first 

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