Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Hello peeps,

I am sorry for not writing posts quite often as i was busy with my exams.

Well we all love gifts. Aren’t you tired of receiving a bouquet of flowers  (yes we love it, but must you get one every time?) for every celebration?

Birthdays, promotions, graduations, the list goes on...With every celebration comes the age old dilemma


It is this dilemma coupled with a passion for offbeat design and the lack of fun and unique products.

I received few funky junky goodies from propshop24 last week. 

PropShop24,  A one-stop shop for a handpicked selection of fantastic  products from around the world.

On their site you'll find awesome gifts, fashion accessories, perennial party supplies and whimsical yet practical ‘Props’ for your home, workplace, bar and parties.

Hope you all have visited their website, if not check them out at www.propshop24.com

I got in my mail, a basket filled with 3 goodies 

1) imagine iPad cover
2) macaroon lip balm 
3) birdie wall clock 

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